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Nero Face Change


Nero Face ChangeVideo demonstration: [Devil May Cry 5nero face change MOD released] https:www.bilibili.comvideoBV1Xc411V7xC?share_source=copy_webvd_source=800624ae3a30c35c50eb3b0828f0c644The mod manager is required to use this mod:The latest mod manager download link http:www.fluffyquack.comtoolsmod...



This mod modifies the character's clothes and ex clothes, and replaces the particle effect of VFX with cherry blossoms.

Vergil Boss Summoned Sword


Adjusted the size, position and visual effects of the Virgil Phantom Sword-Optinoal fileReduced creationv1.1 bubble sword, storm sword and spiral sword holding frame-Changed the position of the summoning sword on the storm sword and spiral sword-Reduced the waiting time before the Bubble Sword, Stor...

SinTurbo Mod and dll loader


1 Unzip2 Just put all the files in the SinTurbo folder into the root folder of the DMC5 installation where DevilMayCry5.exe is located. 3 Mission = Enter the value in turbo.ini to set the desired Turbo speed the default is 1.2; Other= is the interface and transition speed, just modify it to 1.0.

COOP Trainer for Devil May Cry 5


Virgil character replacement mod 1.1.8 version currently the latest version Controllable Virgil 1 Unzip the compressed package 2 Open the exe file 3 open the game 4 Check play as Vergil 5 Then V will be replaced with Virgil

All Enemies to Caina


Replace all basic enemies of Hell Caina, you can easily practice combos in any environment

New Vergil skin tone


Vergil's new skin tone replaces the clean and dirtydamaged version. Eyebrows, skin, eyes, etc. still WIP

Spectral Demon Trigger


This MOD replaces Nero's Devil Trigger.