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Latex Bunny - Golden Socks (Patch)


Load Jill Latex Bunny Main Mod first, then use Golden Socks Patch.Jill Latex Rabbit: https:www.umodder.comarchive44210

Mature Latex Bunny


Jill Latex BunnyReplaces Jill's S.T.A.R.S. outfit, with shake physics.Author:LEMI21DONATION:PATREON.COMLEMI21

Latex Bunny - Red Socks (Patch)


Load Jill Latex Bunny Main Mod first, then use Red Socks Patch.Jill Latex Rabbit: https:www.umodder.comarchive44210

Jill Smol


Jill is half size for no reason.

Deadly Headshots


Makes all headshots with bullets a critical hit, effectively killing regular zombies exploding head and severely damaging other creatures.. Also affects limbs.Increases effective range of weapons to 40m.Works with Fluffy Mod Manager.Put the save in a path like this: G:\Fluffy Mod Manager\Games\RE3R\...

Updated Nemesis Classic Head (non-RT)


This mod replaces the Nemesis remake avatar with a design similar to that seen in the original game Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.Features: The nose is missing Thin and long teeth are gone the teeth are now thickened Scars are clearer and longer The upper gums are more visible jawWith Skin Bigger Eyes Up...

Milk Apron Cutie (Patch)


Load Milk Apron Main Mod before using Cutie Patch.Milk Apron: https:www.umodder.comarchive44209

Milk Apron Speed Optimization (Patch)


Load Milk Apron Main Mod before using Speed Optimization Patch.Milk Apron: https:www.umodder.comarchive44209

Jill Milk Apron


Jill Milk Apron Main Mod.Replaces Jill S.T.A.R.S. outfit with shakeable physics.Author:RYAN REOSDONATION: PATREON.COMLEMI21

Knife Range Extended


Simply increases the range of the basic knife and Hot Dogger to about 3x further than before.NOTE: I created this with files extracted non-RT steam beta version. I have no idea if that will have any affect on the RT version.

Jill Casual Outfit


Author: M_r_pDescription: Replaces Jill's default outfitHow to use:1. Download and unzip the Mod Manager: [FLUFFY MANAGER 5000].2. Extract its contents to a folder and configure the application: Launch - select re3 - provide the file path of the re3.exe file.3. Download the Mod and put it into the M...

Mature Jill Cozy Sweater Topless (Patch)


Load Jill Cozy Sweater Main mod first, then use Topless Patch.Jill Cozy Sweater Main mod: https:www.umodder.comarchive43360