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Grass Mod


Another grass mod.Install: yeet the "bg"folderinto thedatafolder of the game and enjoy alternative grass mod!It does not have any LOD states, so it will always show as "high quality" model. The good part is; it has less polygons than vanilla grass, so it wont reduce performance in theory

Shinobi Outfit for 2B


Replaces 2B's default dress with dishwasher1910's 2B Shinobi outfit.With the support of custom bones from Nier2Blender2Nier, comes a huge potential for many unique costume designs.This mod is meant to be one of the first, along with the Raiden Shogun mod, to explore that potential.Now with all new c...

Kimono Outfits - Essentials


Adds the kimono outfits and white outfits to the game via an in-game shopInstallation Tutorial:Part 1 first time only:Downloadmod-loader.dllfrom Grojdg's github here:github.comxxk-inier-mod-loaderreleasesPlace the dll in your NieRAutomata\ directory beside the .exeFind your SpecialKFAR ini file. Dep...

Single Slash of Dreams


replaces type 4O sword with the Single Slash of Dreams from Genshin Impact

Wolf's Gravestone


Adds the Wolf's Gravestone from Genshin Impact to NieR Automata with custom textures by DevolasRevengeWolf's GravestoneOne of the most popular weapons in Genshin Impact is a claymore called Wolf's Gravestone. I liked it so much I got a rip from a great guy called Lukatoni5 from the Genshin community...

The Red Queen - DMC5


Replaces the Cruel Oath 9S light sword, with The Red Queen from DMCThose who have played DMC4 or DMC5 will know about this dopeass blade. The Red Queen. It has a combustion engine that allows Nero to revv it like a motorcycle. Timing swings with revvs allows the sword to be charged with fire for mor...

Nekomata Okayu


Replaces A2 with a dynamic Nekomata Okayu reskin that uses her official MMD model, ported by DevolasRevengeInstallation instructions:1. Download the mod2. Go to your game's directory \NieR - Automata\data\plif you don't know your game's directory, you can right click on the icon, then click "open fi...

Raiden Shogun (From Genshin Impact)


This mod replaces 2B with Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact with fully working physics.This is the first mod to use custom armature with new physics bones.All credit for the hard work goes to Woeful_Wolf.

Celebratory Weapon Pack(NieR Reincarnation)


Replaces the Virtuous Weapons for the CelebratoryAnniversary Weapons from NieR ReincarnationInstall:Each Weapon in the pack will have a folder and inside each of the folders there will be a "wp" folder and an image of what weapon the mod is. Take the "wp" folder and drag it into your NieR: Automata ...

2B Kimono Mod


The usage is the same as the previous A2's Kimono Mod

Animated Dawnblade from Destiny 2


adds the dawnblade sword from destiny 2 as a faith replacer

Christmas Hat 2B


This mod replaces emil's head item, so make sure to equip it !there are two items: emil's head and emil's mask emil's head is the item you want.\Installation instructions:1. Download the mod2. Go to your game's directory\NieR - Automata\data\etif you don't know your game's directory, you can right c...