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Cammy Suit


Just copy the files to a folder\ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Street Fighter X Tekken \ patch \ CMN \ battle \ chara \ CMYMod tested in C1 costume slot

Lili - Morrigan and Lilith v2


Lili - Morrigan and Lilith - MOD - Street Fighter x TekkenI made a color changes taking as base the Capcom artwork colors.LAST UPDATE: 241012 some fixes from Rhazieul's v1.5

Nina Williams - Short Pant v2


Nina Williams - Short Pant - MOD - Street Fighter x TekkenBasically is the XBOX 360 third costume, with some changes to make her more sports: without skirt, without glasses, without tie, short pant exposed, sexiest lips and fully customizable.LAST UPDATE: 231012 improvements very subtle in some colors and customization



EDIT: THIS IS A UPDATE SOME FIXES, THE WAIST CHAIN ADDED AND SEMITRANSPARENT VISOR.My version of Asuka in Skin of another Kazama but of capcom universe: Akira from Project JusticeI Know its no perfect mod very things are missing but I did my best tryI try to add other material for the visor but I cant so I put it in the material hair XDTHE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN THE ZIP