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Claire Moira Nude Mod


Find the file corresponding to the directory after decompression, and make a backup in advanceThere are three, hairy, shaved, initial hairstyle headsEnter the game with the Claire Denim and Moira Survivor Outfits

RE4 Leon Head v0.1


A couple of minor glitches that I haven't tended to. Works with RE6 outfits, but has a glitch around the neck that is due to the script's way of exporting the model. Facial rigging isn't too bad.Replaces Raid Mode Leon

HW Zelda V0.8


Hyrule Warriors zeldaAuthor:JTeghius KittiusVersion: 0.8----------Mod Details:Zelda replaces Moira Urban Ninja uPl2350.arc and uPl2350Head.arcThis is a joke mod. I made this ages ago for personal use, I never originally intended to release this.Therefore it has more bugs in it than my mods usually d...

Chris Bar


I thought since chris re6's head is already in the Game Then why nott so here he is chris BarKnown Bugs- Chris Neck sometimes goes through his chest Will Fix soon- Stomach Bends Kinda weird Will Fix Soon

Link Replaces Barry


Link is here.. and with a creepy smile ◕◕◡Replaces Barry default

Ninja Moira to Lady Hunk


This is one part of a mod for a good friend of mine, Armedwithaflashlight. There is a B.S.A.A. version of this as well, but I am undecided as to whether or not I'll release it because it's part of my friend's personal headcanon things of Moira and I'd rather it not be used for other's RP purposes.To...

Motoko Kusanagi


All Right Finally she is here!Name of the mod: Motoko KusanagiAuthor: George ChiefSpecial Request for cliffe.Replace Claire default on Raid Mode.The .RAR Include:-Visor-No Visor-Camo-No Camo VersionsAlso I Know this is not the request section but if anyone want to help me model swap her over her Rod...

Sniper Claire Head


Replaces the default BiohazardResident Evil 2 classic costume head with the Sniper Claire one. Figure version with head replacement is also included.PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILES PRIOR TO INSTALLATION.To install, please copy the .arc files into the following directory:C:\Program Files\...

Claire Redfield - Formal


Originally a Mesh mod i made forXnalaraBut i liked it enough to make it a mod.Has Fluffy Mod Manger support.

Jill Valentine - Casual


Download it if you like it!Replaces Raid Mode Jill Valentine

Bunch of HUNKs


This is a model swap so you can play as the HUNKs in the campaign.Commandant Barry and Rodeo Claire are replaced with HUNK, Urban Ninja Moira is replaced with Lady HUNK. Natalia is not replaced for obvious reasons. You will need all the DLC to fully use this mod.These are just model swaps, no audio ...

Schoolgirl Natalia


Did this one for practice. Replaces Campaign model. Install withFluffy Manager.A few things bugsto-do:Should replace all instances of Default Natalia, including the figures. Cardigan version has a vest chapter 2 and above.The flap thing has physics! rigged it to the cardigan hood using Cardigan Nata...