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Mature Character Creation Makeup Edits


All images are shown at 75% cosmetic opacity. Aesthetic changes Sune approved!:Makeup8:- Ported makeup 3's upper winged liner map.- Darkened opacity.Makeup11:- Restored previous makeup 11's design.- Darkened opacity.Installation:1. Extract using winrar.2. Drag drop the "Generated" folder into your ...

ImprovedUI ReleaseReady


DescriptionChanges existing UI to enhance the current modding scene by removing intrusive in-game warning and enhancing character creation options. Also provides optional files that replace UI elements based on player feedbackInstallation:Use BG3MOD manager to import and installOrPlace both Improved...

Native Camera Tweaks


NATIVE CAMERA TWEAKSUnlocked camera limits let you appreciate the game's graphics in a new way.FEATURES:Unlocked camera pitch optional, separate for exploration and combatOverride locked pitch settingsOverride zoom limitsZoom step size multipliersOverride camera FOVOverride camera horizontalvertical...

Bing Bong Summon


Installation:Click the one-click installation button above for automatic installationDescription:Was experimenting with a Summon Spell and i decided to do this fun and stupid mod, paying tribute to one of Shart's nation best heroes, the one and only Bing Bong.He was casted away from our world too so...

Hide Players Side Frame and Buttons


Describe:Hide Players Side Frame and ButtonsAuthor: FahadInstall:Extract one of the files into the Data folder in the game directory Baldurs Gate 3Data

Devil Wings


Describe:Changed slot from back to underwear so you can use it with cloakAuthor: oilnarak01 inspired by KrstInctInstall:Install using baldur's gate 3 Mod Manager

Fireball Dice


Describe:The fireball spells trapped within these dice swirl with ferocity, yearning to be unleashed.Author:EllieGreenArtInstall:Extract the .zip file using your favorite tool i.e. 7zip, WinRAR to Steam Library\streamaps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\DataReplace files when prompted.

Witcher Inspired Hairstyle


Describe:Hairstyle inspired from Henry Cavill's portrayal of Geralt in The Witcher netflix seriesAuthor: e_reshInstall:Place the "Generated" folder inside your "DATA" folderExample: C:\Program Files x86\Stream\streamaps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data

CovenElf's Tattoo and Makeup Collection (v1.2 Update)


Describe:Small collection of tattoo and makeup editors.Author: CovenElfInstall:Open the .rar, drag and drop the folder "Generated" into the game's "Data" directory, the default is:C:\Program Files x86\Stream\streamaps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data

Hide Spell Casting Notification


Describe:Hide Spell Casting NotificationInstall:Extract the files to the Data folder in the game directory Baldurs Gate 3Data