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Material Conversion Tool


There are instructions inside, use the noesis tool to extract the Diablo 2 material, save it as dds and edit it with photoshop, blacken the alpha transparent channel to hide the cloth clothes, you have to try it slowly,Then put the dds in the same directory as Texture_Converter.ps1, right-click to o...

Hide Dropped Potion Scroll Miscellaneous Name


Hide Dropped Potion, Scrolls, Miscellaneous NameIt can still be picked up, but the name is not displayed and the screen is cleaner. . .

Multiplier Mod Ultimate Edition


Ultimate Edition 2.5Added the 2.5 version of the explosion servant demon, which appeared in the big pineapple seal map and so on. . .   On the basis of the original version, only gold monsters and blue monsters are added, and the number of the original version is not changed.A total of about 2600 ki...

Demon King Mercenary Version 2.5


run faster,Act 5 adds Baal.-mod mad -txt

Girl Mercenary Beautiful Butt Collection Version 2.5


There are two kinds of savage mercenaries, for sorceress and amazon,Some small sword models were replaced with large swords.-mod mad -txt

Doubling Monster Mod Version 2.5


Unzip the attached mods to the game directory,:\Diablo.II.Resurrected\mods\mad\mad.mpqCreate a shortcut to D2R.exe, add the command line -mod mad -txtNote that there is a space"e:\Diablo II Resurrected\D2R.exe" -mod mad -txtPut the shortcut on the desktop, then drag the D2R.exe shortcut to zclient t...



LilithWaiting for Diablo 4.. . . . .Comes with Druid transformation txt and summon eagle to replace Lilith json....-mod mad -txt

Amazon Cool Ass Version


Amazon Cool Ass Version-mod mad -txt