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Mod Request For Street Fighter V

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Chun li b girl (barefoot)


If anyone could remove the heals from Chun li’s b girl costume, that’d be nice!

1 week ago

Menat over Oro


Given the turtle in hand vs the glowing orb. Would be a fun swap to see Menat over the Oro model. No idea how feasible that is! lol  Just an idea.

2 weeks ago

Rose Alternate Costume 1 from SF4


I'd die if Rose got this alternate costume from SF4 again, begging the modding community to make this happen ;

2 months ago

Mika X Abel


R.Mika wearing Abel's SF4 costume.

2 months ago

turn off menu/round start sound effects but keep in game hit sounds


you can't separately turn these sound effects off in the menu

3 months ago

R.Mika's censored Critical Art fix


In earlier build, R.Mika's SuperCritical Art, used to have her slap her butt the camera shows this, then calls out her teammate and they finish the Super with them splitting the opponents legs open.Now, in the latest build of Street Fighter V, the camera zooms up and away from her behind so u dont see the butt slap and when the Super is finished, the opponents legs are not split open. So Is there a way to fix the censored stuff to earlier version?

5 months ago