Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Naruto Loading Background


Self-made Naruto loading backgroundIf you like other loading pictures, you can leave a message and I will check the production

Homemade Red Dead Redemption 2 loading map and weapon background


# Homemade Red Dead Redemption 2 Redemption loading map and weapon background

Dragon Blade


The MOD does not modify the attack distance and other auxiliary points, the blade model is the same length as the original Kusabimaru, and the original game experience.The luminous text on the scabbard is author's nickname

EldenRing for Wolf


Due to limited time, only 6 headgears were made, and three of them had their own lights.I have put the fool-proof instructions, if you still dont know how to install it, please search for videos on google.have fun.Special Note:The header file name of wolf is fc_m_0220.partsbnd.dcx,Shura's header fil...

Noah Voice Pack from Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Replace the voice of the Wolf with Noah from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 English voice, adapted to Ver1.06

Klee JP Voice Pack


Replace the voice of the wolf with the voice of Klee japanese voice, need to use the MOD engine to load.

Sekiro Disco


A sword that can flow, a head that can turn. Let's go to the ballroom and dance.There is a small bug in the texture. After searching for a long time, I couldn't find the reason, so I am too lazy to change it.

Sekiro Loading Background


4k image qualityA total of 15 pieces, after decompression, put them directly into the mods

Glow and Translucent Materials


Added two new glow materials one translucent material into DS3 and Bloodborne Material Pack.This mod added two new glow materials one translucent material into mtdallmaterialbnd.mtdbnd.dcx which is included DS3 and Bloodborne Material Pack.So if you could please endorse Forsakensilver's material M...

Sekiro with Smirk Emoji Face


Come on a funny adventureThanks to the soybean model of Losric Daju, I changed the texture to funny :smirk:

Replace "dangerous" with "opportunity"


Turn crisis into opportunity! Replace "dangerous" with "opportunity"How to use: Unzip the file, put the entire sfx folder in the mods folder please install the mod engine first