As a horny trans teenager, I have naturally downloaded many a nude mod for Street Fighter 5. I have one for almost every character in the game. Alex, Laura, Cammy, you name a character I probably have a nude mod for them.  But there is one character who, for whatever reason, has no nude mod in sight and that is Akira. She has no nude mod. SEARCH ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET AND YOU WILL FIND NOTHING. NADA. So, I am willing to give ALL OF MY REWARD POINTS which is only 5 sadly but aside from being a horny trans teenager I am also a broke trans teenager, to whoever makes a quality Akira nude mod. preferably clean shaven. Now I know she's underage technically, but so is Ibuki and there are plenty of decent nude mods for her. SO PLEASE! Help me complete my collection and make this mod for me. Thank you in advance.  3

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Indeed, there is really no mod for Akira right now. Since it is a newly added dlc character, I think someone will make and release it soon.

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