Terribly Missing Skins for USFIV - Mod Request For Street Fighter IV

USFIV is probably the most complete of Street Fighter, even more so than SFV far too many important characters are missing in the V, like Elena, Gen, Fei Long, Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Guy, Rolento, Adon, Gouken, Decapre , Dudley, Sean, Hugo, Abel, El Fuerte ….But even in USFIV some outstanding characters are sorely lacking for this game to be truly complete notably Q and Oro. Skins adapted to characters with similar combat techniques can a little fill this gap.Terribly Missing Skins for USFIV :Skins = USFIV charactersQ SFIII = Cody remove his handcuffs or AbelOro SFIII, SFV = Akuma or Oni do not forget to hide an arm from himKarin Kanzuki SF Alpha, SFV = MakotoRainbow Mika SF Alpha, SFV = Cammy or El FuerteBirdie SF Alpha, SFV = Balrog or Hugo or Zangief with Balrog replace the gloves with chains on the fistsRémy SFIII = GuileTwelve SFIII, SFV = SethGill SFIII, SFV = Evil Ryu replace the classic powerball with an ice ballSean SFIII = DanNecro SFIII = DalshimIngrid SF Alpha = Rose or Crimson ViperMaki Final Fight, SF Alpha = Decapre or Poison or Rolento replace the gauntlets or the whip with a tonfaDean Final Fight = OniCarlos Final Fight = Rolento replace the staff with his saberLucia Final Fight, SFV = Chun LiJuni SF Alpha = Decapre or CammyJuli SF Alpha = Decapre or CammySodom SF Alpha = Blanka or BalrogBlair Dame SF Ex = Elena or JuriIt's less important, but there are also a few SFV characters that are easy to adapt into Skin for USFIV.Laura SFV = Crimson ViperRashid SFV = Dee Jay or Dudley or CodyFang SFV = GenAzam SFV = ZangiefKage SFV = OniAbigail SFV = T. Hawk or Hugo or ZangiefViolent Ken = Evil Ryu or OniMenat SFV = RoseFalke SFV = DecapreAkira SFV = Elena or JuriEd SFV = BalrogNecalli SFV = Blanka

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