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Grass Mod


Another grass mod.Install: yeet the "bg"folderinto thedatafolder of the game and enjoy alternative grass mod!It does not have any LOD states, so it will always show as "high quality" model. The good part is; it has less polygons than vanilla grass, so it wont reduce performance in theory

NieR Automata Gamepad Icon Replacement MOD (PS4)


Description:NieR: Automata controller icon replacement MOD PS version; players who are used to PS4 controllers may not be comfortable with the default XB controller icon in Nier, this set of replacement icons can solve your trouble. Instructions for use: Unzip the file to the root directory of the g...

Nier Automata Screen Tone Enhancement Patch


Resource Description:The Screen Tone Enhancement Patch for Nier Automata, produced by '3DM-tongyerui', increases the definition, enhances the tone, and makes the whole picture more vivid. Instructions for use: Unzip to the game directory, press Scroll lock to close or open the feature If your comput...

Video Quality Patch for Low Spec PC


Resource Description:The low-spec PC version of the Nier Automata Video Quality Patch Mod is suitable for correcting the game video color, which is produced by "3DM-Night Cat Wuxin". The low-spec version patch is suitable for correcting the color cast without dropping the frame. Instructions for use...

Video Quality Enhancement Mod


Resource Description:Nier: Automata video quality enhancement Mod, shared by Kaldaien, this MOD will improve the sunlight exposure and Bloom effect.  Instructions for use:1. Download the decompressed file2. Install Reshade3. Find the game installation directory and rename dxgi.dll and dxgi.ini to Re...