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DOA5LR: Shenmue Mod with Ryo Hazuki and Lan Di


These are the Shenmue Costume Mods made for Jacky Bryant as Ryo Hazuki and Akira Yuki as Lan Di. Enjoy!

Dead or Alive 5 Dead or Alive 5
553 views • 2 years ago

DOA5LR: Kenshiro and Raoh Cosplay


For those who would do know that these two set of costumes were based around the anime Hokuto no Ken or Fist of the North Star. The costumes in this mod are worn by Jann Lee as Kenshiro and Raidou as Raoh, the fact that they're both pretty fitting in style. Enjoy this mod people!

Dead or Alive 5 Dead or Alive 5
686 views • 2 years ago

DOA5LR: Helena Douglas - Cindy/Dr. Z from Golgo 13


Here is this interesting Dead or Alive 5 Mod for Helena Douglas cosplaying as Cindy AKA Dr. Z from the early 80s anime film, Golgo 13 The Professional.

Dead or Alive 5 Dead or Alive 5
1.2 K views • 2 years ago

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