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Reworked animal sensitivity thresholds for players, causing them to choose options other than running away from you based on your next move.
1. Bold species have more of an "if I must" personality, and running away is rarely their default first choice.
2. Animals that are easily frightened may not run away, but may remain anxious temporarily until they feel the threat is gone and then calm down.
3. A crocodile hiding in a resting spot on land is more likely to hiss or charge at you than to disappear into the water.
4. Moose are immovable creatures, they consider your presence an offense and may ignore you throughout the lake, especially female moose, who will not budge unless they kick you for getting too close. Face. Unless you scare her by approaching from upwind, she'll probably trot up the hill, yelping loudly.
5. A flighty animal like a deer, especially a large trophy, is more likely to dance nervously and remain aware. You can lie down and stop moving to see their attention/alertness state decrease instead of increase! If you don't move, are not seen, and are not smelled, they will calm down again in about a minute. Bow hunter's delight! You can also ask them to move away from their area of need, but don't rush away, stay calm but if they smell you, move on.
6. Animals are less likely to notice you from a distance.
7. When an animal notices you, it is more likely to choose a behavior based on distance rather than running away.
8. The difficulty level is more in line with its description. Very simple = there is absolutely no way an animal can escape unless you go out of your way to scare it or it is part of a larger group that starts moving.
9. If you crouch down, move slowly, and "actively hunt" in the direction of the wind, almost all animals will not run away for no reason. Especially not from far away! Finally: this mod is not compatible with mods containing gdc folders within dropzone unless you merge them together using the mod integration plugin. Makes it compatible with ammo mods, player speed mods, animal spawning and spawn distance mods.
10.17: The contents of the ambush package can be used normally
11.2: 5x population experience money + animal alertness reduction, 3x population + animal alertness reduction

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