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All-round enhancements have been made in passive skill upgrades and basic attributes.

Basic Attributes:
The maximum life value is changed to 90777.
Added no-delay health regen 45000.
Armor (damage reduction) changed to 90% (this has not been tested yet).
The maximum stamina value has been changed to 9077.
Added no-delay stamina regen 4500.
Reduced the cooldown of Reflective Shield by 20%.
Increased reflective shield health (was changed from 6 to 99).
Stamina consumed by teleportation is reduced to 0.02625.

Passive skill upgrades and enhancements:
Reduce the armor added by SLAM, from 25% to 5% (after all, the basic armor is 90%).
Might upgrade changed from 25% to 85% damage.
Hook charm multiplier changed to x3.
All other skills not mentioned have been changed to twice the original effect.

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v1.1 update instructions
MEN modification, all skills MEN is 0 except HELP.
The reflective shield life is changed to 900, and the cooldown is changed to 1.5 seconds.
Added a solution to the final BOSS level (see the description file in the MOD).

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2019.9.6 Second Week Update
Update the file before modification, that is, the original file.
After the second week, update the solution to the BOSS level (I thought it would be enough to fix only one enhanced skill, but now we need two). Otherwise, it is still possible to get stuck, or directly replace the unmodified original file.
In addition, there is another problem in the second week that the stand-in trial will crash. This can only be solved by replacing the original file with the original file.

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After decompressing the playerunit file, put it into Transistor/Content/Game/Unit to replace the original file.
Unzip the playerweapon file and put it into Transistor/Content/Game/Weapons to replace the original file.
It's time to comment. Tell me what you want in the comments. If I have time, I can help you customize it.

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