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This post provides ideas for modification, and on this basis, I have updated four points:

1. Strengthened the modification of skills.

2. I found a software that can decode and encrypt. The software published on the 17th floor of this post cannot be used by my WIN10 system, and it crashes after 2 seconds.

3. Added a tutorial for modifying files, and localized the corresponding skills to facilitate players to modify skills by themselves.

4. Add the "character" customs clearance archive, which means that all weapons are upgraded and all character skills are learned, but the battle part is still the archive of the first chapter.

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Modify the description:

Reduce the upgrade consumption of all character skills.

Increase the life skill and adjust it so that the maximum life value is adjusted to 8177 (but if you don't pay attention to the death during the treasure hunt, you will still die).

The cache item skill is adjusted to increase the number of items that can be carried by 909.

The maximum number of bullets skill is adjusted to increase the base ammo amount by 8077 (the actual ammo amount is several times of this number).

Momentum consumption Speed skills adjusted to reduce kinetic energy consumption by 99%.

Multiple dodge skills adjusted to a maximum of 15 times of dodge.

Healing combo strengthening, life frequency, and more life are combined to adjust the three skills to recover 5000 life per hit.

Adjusted the invulnerability skill to 90 seconds

The three skills of damage combo enhancement, frequent damage, and damage increase are jointly adjusted so that each hit can cause critical damage. The specific damage multiplier is 20, but it varies according to the effect.

The double damage skill is adjusted to a duration of 60 seconds, and the effect is 4 times.

Momentum Combo Strengthening, Momentum Frequency, and More Momentum are combined to adjust the three skills so that each hit can restore 150 momentum.

Adjusted the duration of Double Momentum skill to 90 seconds. The effect is 4 times.


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------Dividing line----------------------------- ----------------------------------------

If you need to make adjustments by yourself, please refer to the modification instructions for specific localization and modification tutorials.


1. If you want to use my skill modification directly, unzip the Coalesced.ini file to Deadpool——TransGame——Config——PC——cooked and replace the original file.

2. If you don't want to use my skills to modify, just want to use the full upgrade archive, unzip SaveData to Documents-My Game-Deadpool and replace the original file.

3. If you want to modify it yourself, please read the modification instructions, modify it directly in Coalesced.txt, and then encrypt it with tfgames_util_4.0. The encryption process is to first enter E, then enter Coalesced.txt, and finally enter Coalesced.ini. Then (it seems that you still need to click enter? I can’t remember clearly) put the generated new Coalesced.ini in the specified location according to the instructions in 1.


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v1.1 update

1. Add the address of the forum, if you want to customize it, you can say it in the forum at any time.

2. The duration of invulnerability has been changed to 5MIN (dungeon treasure hunt should be able to pass this time)

3. The double kinetic energy bonus factor is changed to 50 times, and lasts for 4MIN.

It's time to comment. Tell me what you want in the comments. If I have time, I can help you customize it.

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