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The mod adds an alternative outfit to the Resident Evil 2 Remake game for Ada Wong (with body physics), "Ada Fancy Girl".

Replaces all Ada outfits

Author: Dedraz_ES47, Grogu

Version: 1.0

Installation: Via Fluffy Mod Manager

Install Fluffy Mod Manager
Copy archive to ModManager\Games\RE*R\Mods
Launch Fluffy Mod Manager
Select the desired game from the list
Activate the mod by clicking on the slider and start the game
In the game, choose the correct modified suit
Mod for the old version of the game. How to get a DX11 game build on Steam

Click "LIBRARY" in the Steam client.
Right-click the game and select "Properties".
Select "BETA" from the pop-up menu.
Select "dx11_non-rt" from the drop down menu
Close the popup menu and let the Steam client automatically update the game
You should be able to launch the game normally after the update is complete
Please note that some in-game option settings will be reset as a result of the rollback process.
Install mods as usual.
Solving some problems in mods

Make sure you have installed the latest version of the game on Steam and Modmanager. Sometimes reinstalling modmanger solves a lot of problems
You must have classic outfits unlocked, so beat the game or get the DLC. Required for some required files, but the mod usually replaces other outfits
Install the main mod first, and then the compatible add-ons.
In the game, choose the correct outfit (check the mod info in the mod manager).
Make sure you have the "dx11_non-rt" version of the game installed on Steam.
If you're still having problems, try deleting all mods in Modmanger, click on "reread game archives" and reinstall the mod, right click on the game on Steam and select "verify file integrity" (if that doesn't work, continue to the next steps)
Delete the "Natives" folder in the root of the game (where your game is installed).
In Steam select the game, go to properties and restore local files.
Run the game in normal mode without mods and check if everything is in order.
Re-read the game archives in the Mod Manager and install the mods

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