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Mod name: Rachael Foley Outfit pack V2.0
Author: JTeghius Kittius
Mod Details:
This mod replaces Rebecca with Rachael Foley from Resident Evil: Revelations
in generic FBC member clothing, her FBC wetsuit, and the aviator (beta ashley) coat
her head will also work on unmodded costumes, this is not tested on other costumes,
so it might give clipping issues, etc.

known bugs:
- rigging is not 100%?
- just like evillord's ada mod there's a weird clothing effect on the model that I can't get rid off
- non-wetsuit Rachaels skirt doesn't have 2-sided rendering
- aviator coat has her legs slightly clipping through the jacket.
- scarf might not have alpha's?

Nurse bugs:
- hole between head and upper body
- textures on upper body are off comared to head/neck
- hands are different colour from arms (unsure if bug or part of the way the rebecca textures were)

T-Shirt& T-Shirt Bonus bugs:
- rigging is not 100%?
- when having another costume in use first some textures might not load in correctly when switched to these shirts
- this can be fixed by saving the game as one of the shirts and loading that save file
- during cutscenes a piece of her neck might clip through the shirt, this is because of the way I made Rachael's head for the Rachael Costume pack

Team Wesker bugs:
- Hair does not have Alpha's
- ?

Rachael Ooze bugs:
- no facial animations (Original REV1 model doesn't support it either)
- no bloody texture on fingers (I tried, but the game is being rude)
- during cutscenes a floating hand may appear on her claw arm

not a bug... it's a feature:
- no oxygen tank on wetsuit
- Rachael ooze model is mirrored compared to REV1 appearance (I did this by design, to make the human hand hold the gun)
- she's too pretty to show her face
- too purdy for you

How to install:
Put the nativePC folder in your RE0 main directory. make sure to create a backup of em02.arc, em08, em85, and em7d first.
when using the T-Shirt pack make sure to create a backup of ema9.arc, emaa, emab, and emac first. when using the Bonus T-Shirt back-up emb3.arc.
when using ooze back up em8a and em89.

these mods are compatible with sectus' Fluffymanager.

Which costume is which?
- S.T.A.R.S. 2002 - Non wetsuit
- Western - Wetsuit
- Leather - Aviator
- Nurse - Nurse V0.8
- Rebecca T-Shirts - Orange shirt, FBC Shirt, WE DO IT! shirt, Wii Fit shirt
- Rebecca Pre-order T-Shirt - Chibi T-Shirt
- Team Wesker - Team Wesker/Battlesuit
- Prototype - Rachael Ooze

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