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This module adds purchases, upgrades, and available nano drones to the game, which can be used for reconnaissance areas and for offensive purposes.

Author: keanuWheeze

Download and install CET
Download this module
Unzip the mod's folder to your Cyber​​punk Game folder (the folder containing /bin and /r6)
The folder structure should be "PATHTOCYBERPUNK\Cyber​​punk2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\nanoDrone\init.lua"
Important note: make sure to set the move key (WASD, up/down) in the CET input tab

To purchase a drone, visit any ripperdoc in the game world and open their shop window as usual. Click the "NanoDrone" button on the player's head to open the purchase window. (Purchase and save files are stored together)
After purchasing the Tier 1 version, you can repeat the above process to upgrade your drone to Tier 4
The images of all 4 layers of statistics can be found in the image section of this mod page

After purchasing the drone, press and hold "Quick Melee" (Q) to deploy the drone (at least 20% battery power required)
Press "C" to recall the drone. After being recalled, it will start charging the battery
Use the input keys you previously set to control the drone
Use scan mode (Tab key, like the usual kiroshi eye scanner) to mark and unencrypted objects / NPC
The third layer of the drone unlocks the ability to open the door (the basic battery cost of a normal door is 8%, and a locked door is 30%)
The cost of each hacking operation (fast hacking and door interaction) using drones is the basic cost (fast hacking RAM) multiplied by the fast hacking cost multiplier (higher drone grade: lower cost)
When it exceeds the range of the drone (higher drone level: higher range), it will be automatically recalled after 5 seconds

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